After last year’s Relapse, many an Eminem fan were left scratching their heads. Sure the guy still had skills, but what was up with the irritating accent? What was up with the over use of drug references, and has been, or not too relevant, celebrity bashing. This was not the Eminem, we all knew and loved. Oddly enough, the album itself, was still better than most of what was released that year. However, with Recovery – the Eminem we all know and love, is back!

Recovery starts with the Just Blaze produced “Cold Wind Blows”. It starts off with a sing-song type of intro, which doesn’t reach out and grab you. Then the beat kicks in. Then the flow starts, and you know right away that Slim Shady has returned. With references to Elton John, Michael J. Fox, and queefs, this is Slim doing what he does best. Taking the most offensive, and making it clever, and listenable. Track 2 the DJ Khalil produced, Kobe assisted “Talkin’ 2 Myself”, is basically an apology letter to the fans, for sticking with him through the madness that is his personal life. He also says that he wanted to go at Kanye, and Lil’ Wayne. That would have been interesting to say the least. “On Fire” is up next with Marshall, doing what he does. Lines like “so you better get lower than Flo’rida, inside of a low rider, with no tires, in a hole” quickly remind the listener Em still raps circles around most. “Won’t Back Down” features pop singer Pink. Oddly enough, the pairing works. Don’t think Eminem took it easy with Pink,  on the hook. Still as vile as ever.  “White Trash Party” is  pretty self explanatory, as well as being pretty forgettable.  “Going Through Changes” Em rides a Black Sabbath sample, another track reminding fans, just be patient, and stick with him. “Not Afraid” is produced by Boi-1da, who recently helmed Drake’s “Thank Me Later” project. It was also the lead single off of Recovery.  “No Love” is a Lil Wayne assisted track, also produced by Just Blaze. It features a sample of the old Haddaway song “What is Love”. You know the theme song from Night At The Roxbury movie! Oddly enough it works. Lil Wayne spits an impressive verse, then Em proceeds to destroy him, as well as anyone else thinking that they might want to take a run at him. “Cinderella Man” is produced by newcomer Script Shepherd. It has a stadium style “we will rock you” type beat. I could see Sportscenter using this for their highlights real soon. This was also my favorite track. There is also a track called “Love the Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna. As well as the Havoc assisted “Untitled” where Em continues to spit venom.

All in all, 17 tracks. Some more memorable than others. However, this is a true indication of what we have all come to expect from Marshall. The staggering 741,000 units moved the first week, also show that the fans are still out there.  I certainly enjoyed this record more than the previous two. I recommend this album. Don’t let Relapse, cloud your judgement. You can feel ok about spending your money on this one.

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