Chase Rice … Real Is Rare … Part 1 of 3

In the world we live in today, people keep each other at arms length. We send emails and text, watch way too much TV, and listen to radio stations that push nothing but fake garbage. Enter Chase Rice…. I had the pleasure to sit down with Chase and talk about everything from football to Chevy trucks and Jack Daniels. But the main thing we talked about was Chase’s music. Chase and his music is everything current pop culture is not. Chase welcomed me at his door with a smile and a handshake. We walked inside the house where he was re-stringing his guitar. Talked a little Carolina football, then briefly touched on his upcoming appearance on the CBS show Survivor Nicaragua (airing this Sept.). But the conversation focused on Chase’s music. Authentic to the core … plain and simple. Chase Rice is the real deal. His music speaks to something common inside us all. His song writing comes from life, a life we all can relate to living.

Using the death of his father as fuel, Chase is confident in his talent but very humble in his attitude and approach to his music career. ”Music is a hard industry to make it in” Rice said, “it’s a easy industry to get into, it ain’t easy to make it”. He continued to say “I’ve played at bars where there were only, 20 people there, and not one listening to me”. Chase seems to have the right idea of what it will take to make it. “You just gotta work your way up. And that’s the same thing I had to do at Carolina. (Chase played linebacker for the UNC Football Tar Heels) At the start, I was a freshman. I was terrible, was never gunna play. Worked my way up as a starter my junior year then got hurt. Worked my way back to the starting rotation some my senior year even though I was still not very healthy. That’s the main thing, is that you have to overcome the obstacles that are in the way. Because in football there are a lot that I had to overcome at Carolina. But I did it, and kept my head held high. And that’s what I plan on doing here, until I get to where I want to be”. Rice has only been playing music for a short time. But tooled with the experiences of life, passion, and talent. He is ready to break out… Get ready America, Chase Rice is coming … like a breath of fresh air.

Real is rare, but it’s here …. Part 2 to follow this weekend.

Please check out these HypeNC exclusive Chase Rice video performances…..

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