Chase Rice … Real is Rare … Part 2 of 3

Before I sat down with Chase, I figured being from the shadows of Asheville NC (and Asheville being such an artistic city), that Chase would have drawn inspiration from the city. But…I was very wrong. “I wouldn’t say Asheville had anything to do with me and music, at all” Rice said. It became very clear that Chase’s music has been shaped by two place, neither being Asheville. His family farm and home is in Fairview NC. Just outside of Asheville, Fairview is a small rural community with narrow curvy roads and rolling hills. This is a place of Rice’s memory…good old high school days, long days working on the family’s horse farm, chasing girls, and hanging out with the fellas after two-a-days…preparing for the upcoming high school football season. I can see why Rice takes a piece of Fairview with him when he’s away from the hills. Then you have Chapel Hill NC… “I didn’t start playing music until I got to college” says Rice… “The place that probably effected me the most was Chapel Hill. I’ve got some songs in there, on the album, about college…that’s what has effected me the most. That’s where I got most of my stories, and now my stories are changing away from the college scene and stuff like that, but ah… yeah, Chapel Hill has probably effected me more than Asheville”.

Chase Rice spent his most formative years in these two locations… learned from life’s hard knocks, enjoyed the love of his family, over coming the odds in college, and growing into a man. Chase takes a piece of these special places with him as he continues his musical journey. As we finished the interview, I asked Chase if there was anything else he wanted people to know about him or his music…Chase responded “it’s all me, and I’m writing these songs…the album is out, so please go get it….”

Chase Rice … Real is Rare …Part 3 coming end of the week…

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