Japan’s New Food Craze … Human Fetus ?

Wow…Looks like the new food craze in Japan is…Human Fetus? Several very upscale restaurants in Tokyo have begun serving Human Fetus. It’s not on the menu but you can get it very easy, but you have to know who and how to ask. It looks like most of the Fetus’ are taken from  low income immigrants who are given financial compensation for the Fetus’. Most of the immigrants come from third world countries and really don’t have many options. The Fetus brokers feed on these poor people just as the diners feed upon the Fetus’ in some of Tokyo finest. People from around the world have objected to the practice of eating the Fetus’…but the Japanese have denied the practice takes place at all. But people in the know site tradition as the reason for the odd food product. Dating back hundreds of years, many thought the practice of eating the Fetus’ had stopped long ago. Well, maybe not. It appears to be very easy to have a smiling waiter deliver a steaming plate of Fetus to your table. Here’s to Japanese tradition…Put Your Chop Sticks In The Air, Wave’m Like Ya Just Don’t Care…

dolphin meat

Ok, let’s hope that this is not happening. But I would not be surprised. I just don’t understand a person’s desire to eat a dolphin, whale, or shark fin. These foods are very easy to find in Japan, and are eaten every day. Catching a shark, cutting off it’s fin, then tossing it overboard, is just wrong. The harvesting of whales is just mind boggling. Never mind it being illegal, the Japanese hide behind a clause for scientific research…and harvest hundreds of whales a year. How about some of old “Flipper”? Yes, the Japanese eat dolphin as well. Take a stroll through a Japanese grocery store and you’ll have plenty of dolphin to choose from. Take a look at the film The Cove. In the film they capture footage of a annual Japanese dolphin harvest that is very hard to watch. They round up the dolphins in a cove, hundreds or thousands of dolphins. Then the slaughter begins…and goes on for days. Very much like the term, “shooting fish in a barrel”. For a country that has so many honorable traditions, they sure can be very barbaric.

horse meat

Also, horse is another odd food that the folks of Japan eat and can be found in the local grocery store. Horses from all over the world are shipped to Japan, killed and eaten. Many from right here in the good old U.S.A…..you might be shocked to find how common this practice is…right here at home. A horse gets some age on them and they are a potential meal for somebody in Japan. There are many horse farms trying to rescue these animals but it is a costly and uphill battle. There are several fine groups trying to stop these barbaric practices, both here in the states and world wide. But they need our help to do their work…please think about these fine folks and give them a hand!

shark fin

Here are a few groups fighting the good fight…….

Horse Play; Equine Rescue and Sanctuary


Hillside Foundation (Horse Rescue)


Sea Shepherd





The Film… The Cove


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