Ruger’s Reality Check … Vol 15

NC Best Artist Nominee BANNED for “Questioning” NCUMA’s, 10 WORST MC Names,  “ZIPLOCKED & LOADED” CD/Tour details & “ED E. RUGER-RELOADED” FREE DOWNLOAD!

1st Best Hip Hop Artist Nominee To Be BANNED…ME!

All in 2 weeks I went from Nominee for BEST artist in the state to BANNED from the awards! How you ask…for questioning how things REALLY work behind the scenes. It all started when I saw I was nominated along side 22 other acts. 2/3 of which didn’t belong anywhere near this category. 1st off what the f*ck kind of awards have 23 nominees for anything?! The reason was some BS disclaimer on the voting page saying because of the overwhelming amount of votes & depth of NC’s talent pool blah blah blah! This all happened after Carl (the Founder) text me a week earlier and said there will be 6-9 total nominees. This is after he posted 5 different dates for posting nominations that never happened. So its pretty safe to say the people running the awards have no clue what’s goin on either. When the nominations were finally posted it went from 6-9 nominees for Best Artist to 23?! Every category has 10+ nominees which is absolutely f*ckin ridiculous! Awards shows are supposed to be the ones that narrow the talent pool down to 5 nominees that have worked the hardest THIS YEAR! How can you crown someone best artist of 2011 in march anyway?! Nominations have been goin on for months…it’s still 2010 people get it together? He must think we are idiots! its the 4th year in and your just now realizing how deep NC’s talent pool is? You do run the awards show right?! WTF! In all reality the attendance has been getting lower every year & I’m sure the votes have too,which is why they have so many nominees. They figure hey if we nominate more people then they’ll bring more of a crowd and make more money. That on top of nominating people who are willing to pay or “sponsor”, make flyers, get clubs for nomination & after parties, bring in “industry” presenters, models, etc you can see how the amount of nominees went up. I have texts, emails, etc and tons of proof to back this up but ima leave it alone so I don’t expose some of the artists nominated who think they got it legitimately. The sad part is they don’t know they are being caught in the middle of all these “side deals” so its not there faults. Just know that the industry does not acknowledge these so called awards. Its like taking your pop warner trophy with you to an NFL tryout thinking it’ll get you more attention.

Once I asked a few of these questions, told them I didn’t believe in the legitimacy of the awards, didn’t see any reason to promote the awards/my nomination & would be fine with or without the awards bc I’m doin this for my fans not the awards, I was promptly removed from the nominees list…that the FANS voted me onto! Which is just 1 more thing that proves how the NCUMA’s are a fraud! If one man…a Manager at a McDonald’s at that…can remove an artist from the nominees list that is supposedly voted on by the NC hip hop fans then its obviously more about stroking he & his friends egos than it is about furthering NC as a whole.

Let’s face it, I’ve never been involved in the awards bc I found out early what they were about. I was nominated for ’08 best new artist & lyricist of the year according to which categories I was telling people to vote for. When the actual nomination came out I was in some category “Grind Hard Award” that wasn’t even a category to vote for…once again wtf?! They nominated my homie HeIsCJ for R&B but when he arrived to the show his name had magically disappeared…huh?! & my personal favorite was nominating an NC pioneer Kaze for best NEW artist…are u f*ckin serious?! This is an MC who has been signed to SRC/Universal, done an LP for Rawkus, mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid, etc all in the last 2-3 yrs & had the triangle area on fire along w Hall Of Justus for almost 10 yrs before that. This is what happens when you let 1 man try to dictate who’s who in our scene! Tell Calvin, ie Carl, not to quit his day job!
On a side note…I really don’t care that he works @ McDonald’s, I’m glad he has a job for the rest of the year when these bs awards aren’t around bc that’s the only time I hear about or from him. Gotta support the fam somehow. Don’t get me wrong, I have a day job too, I bartend, so I get the whole 9-5 thing & needing extra money but don’t scam artists & say your rewarding them…that’s counterproductive at best. You would be amazed at the amount of texts, emails, twitter DM’s & Facebook private messages I got from people agreeing with what I was saying but wouldn’t say anything on a public forum bc they were nominated or affiliated with nominees. Things will stay like this until yall speak up about it. I could go on for days about this so ima leave it at that.

Here is the Facebook IM…

Go check the ballot out now & see that my name is nowhere to be found…if u can find it because I’m not promoting their site for them!

Below…the homie Ty Bru’s 2 cents

I am proud that NC Hip Hop has a voice that can and will be heard, doesn’t fold, doesn’t sugar coat, doesn’t budge, etc.
much respect Ruger and I got you no matter who you piss off in this business. Honestly this is all ANY of these WORTHLESS ceremonies have needed, someone distinguished and established to get put on the ballot, then removed for speaking the truth and more importantly EXPOSING the logistics of these NC SCAM AWARDS to the public.
Of course there are a few names I see that deserve it, but IMO it is just a weak attempt to legitimize these ceremonies that have been guilty of throwing artists on the ballot, then ridiculously charging them $25-$50 to get in, at times $100 to perform then more upwards of $15 for after parties……and this is supposed to be something EARNED, lmao.

Q:Who is earning what?

A:The award shows are earning money, the artists get next to nothing, and easily forgotten with 48 hrs of getting the award and on top of that most times it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to find out who won unless you actually attend.

By providing little to no POST SHOW PROMOTIONS or even simple, basic recaps released to the respected press, you’re short changing yourself, the artists and ultimately our STATE’S NAME that you use so freely. And speaking of free, how can most of these award shows use free websites and expect to be taken serious.
For myself, It’s obviously not one person that is fucking up so I’m not upset at one cat, but I am very upset with the CONTENTMENT loads of people are having with these events and how these are year after year being justified with false glamor.

The first few years each of the NC award shows were around, I gave them a little leeway cause they were fresh and new, thought the kinks would be worked out and in fact they keep getting greater and greater until it looks like it’s hopeless

“Ziplocked & Loaded” CD & Tour

This is my 4th solo album & a lot different from what you’ve heard from me before, which is a good thing! Of course your gonna
here a few party tracks & the raw aggressiveness that yall are used to from me,but your also gonna hear A LOT more stories based on my personal life. I’ve matured a lot from having to balance being a dad, family man &  an MC & it definitely shows in the new cd. With less guest appearances & more emotion this is my best work yet…at least for now!

The Tour will feature many great NC artists on different stops, such as Ty Bru, ILLPO, Young Stacks & LGi, Action Inc., Stitchy C, A.Moss, Deniro Farrar, K. Hill, FSM Ent, F. Dux, Ike Turnah, Eddified, Logik, Up Rite Lions, Scottie Flippen, Jae Blacc, Adam Rottin, J.Harris, Minds One & more! This is what NC Hip Hop is all about! Thank you to everyone making it happen! WE ARE THE REAL MOVEMENT! Its the cats like us that really put NC on our backs that will win in the end! Longevity is key!

-Ziplocked & Loaded Tour Dates

January 28 in Greensboro,NC
Greene Street Club

February 11 in Charlotte,NC
Tremont Music Hall

February 26 in Chapel Hill,NC
Jack Spratts

March 4 in Wilmington,NC
The Soap Box

More dates to be added soon. If you would like to bring the tour to your town email for details

Top 10 Worst MC names

These are all real names of actual artists…I’m not even gonna get into what they’ve done or who they are affiliated with bc with names like this,you’ll never remember their careers anyway ha! but I bet you will remember the names!

Ball Greazy

1-Shorty Shitstain
2-Ball Greazy
3-Doo Doo Brown
4-Tea Bag Boyz
6-Titi boi
9-Crunchy Black
10-Waka Flocka Flame


“Ed E.Ruger : Reloaded”
W/ over 3500 copies in the streets all over the east coast,this was my 2nd cd and the release that got my buzz goin crazy on the internet and underground hip hop scene.

Songs include collabs feat w/
Jelly Roll,
Ty Bru,
Stitchy C,
KrumbSnatcha of Gang Starr Foundation,
J.Bond of ILLPO,
Brandon D,
Barber Q &

Plus cameos from
Stat Quo,
DJ Vlad,
Wonder Twinz,
DJ Head Honcho,
Willy Northpole & more

Ed E.Ruger – Iconoclast Crew / DUB-BORO (Hip Hop/Dub Step MC)

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