Lyric … Asheville’s Star Uncovered

A while back my friend, Daron James of HypeNC and Diamond Thieves Body Piercing & Tattoo of Asheville, was telling me about this young lady he had heard playing music on the streets of Asheville. He told me very little, only that I needed to hear her sing. He just kept saying “you’ll see…you just wait”. Well, last week I finally had the pleasure of meeting Ms Leeda “Lyric” Jones and was treated with her singing a few songs for those of us lucky enough to be at Diamond Thieves at the time (please check out the videos below of that session). It didn’t take but a few seconds to see and feel the talent pour from Lyric. Not really sure which was better… her lovely smile or her beautiful voice… either way ya can’t go wrong! This young lady sings like a mountain song bird and has a personality to match. Lyric is the total package… get ready Asheville, you have another STAR in your midst.

I asked Lyric when she started singing… with a look as if a good friend entered the room… she told me she had been singing since she could remember. She went on to tell me about sitting on her father’s lap as a small child. “He would sing a line to me and I would sing it back to him” Lyric said. It was easy to see how special the relationship with her father is to her. A relationship that continues today. Lyric’s father plays the bass, and joins Lyric when she plays with her full band. Lyric not only has a beautiful voice but does a fine job playing guitar as well. She started playing keyboards as a child, sung growing up, but didn’t start playing guitar until a couple of years ago. It seems like learning to play the guitar has really fueled Lyric’s talent… it will be fun to see how far this STAR will rise.

This Sunday, Dec 19th, at the 3rd Annual Psycho Santa at The Garage, Lyric will be releasing her latest album, Legendary Clouds. This disc is full of original material with a couple of spoken word tracks as well. The album will be available from iTunes and we’ll run a review on the album after it’s release here on Go check out Lyric with her band… Sunday Dec 19th at the Garage, Psycho Santa (free entry with unopened toy), or go to iTunes next week and buy it … Legendary Clouds.

Now…please check out Lyric singing at Diamond Thieves Dec 9th of this year. Enjoy !

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