RJD2 … Greene Street Club 2-9-11

It’s rare that you get to participate in a show with a ton of local talent as well as one of your favorite artist, but that is just how things were Wednesday night starting at 9:00 pm. Great energy right from the start. First up was a younger act by the name of Sam Fahn. Not a long set time, but they got their sound out there all the same. Next up was Christ Addams with DJ OVERDOZAGE, who had an awesome set, with Christ flowing like water (kinda like the beers I had too many of that night). After that a duo, GEHNGIS KHAN was up… one part rapping, the other part singing, they kinda had a DJ SHADOW/LINKIN PARK vibe, but with more heart and feeling. In slot four, was a solo act MARLEY CARROLL, who started with a more mellow sound, but by the last half of his set really had the crowd moving and warmed up for the next two acts. ED E. RUGER and  Iconoclast crew (which includes STICHY C, TY BRU AND DJ PHILLIE PHRESH) started out with their newer DubStep sound which is part of a newer act DUB-BORO, but went into ICONOCLAST style after the first song. The crowd of course went crazy, and ED E. RUGER even free styled towards the end of their set. Then the headliner RJD2 aka RAMBLE JOHN KOHN , was up to do his thing. Now I know almost the entire RJD2 catalog, but what I didn’t know was that he plays all the piano and Moog synthesizer sounds while spinning both records! Never sitting still for even half a second, he seemed to be doing the work of two DJ’s. Putting some new mixes into his better known tracks like “1976”, “iced lightning”, and “the horror”, it was like being at a big party with a bunch of old friends and meeting some new friends.

Ed E Ruger

It was definitely a learning experience for me, putting faces with names as well as sounds to names. RJD2 treated everyone there like he grew up with us. After noticing that he had a laptop open, I talked RJ into checking out this very website. (never miss an opportunity eh, vinny?) The pics of the line outside was at a very early point in the night. An added bonus was that the DUKE/ CAROLINA game was being broadcast up on the rooftop, so you had no excuse not to come out and have a good time with us. The only downside to the whole night, was that someone made off with a copy of RJD2’s newest album, “THE COLOSSUS”. Looking forward to the next show from this talented bunch.

RJD2 with HypeNC's Rex Horne

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