Pierce Edens and the Dirty Work … Westville Pub, Asheville NC

St. Patty’s Day in Asheville and what to do? After spending the day kickin’ around downtown Asheville. I ended up going to hear Pierce Edens and the Dirty Work at the Westville Pub, on Haywood Rd. over in West Asheville. This was my first time going to see Pierce and the boys, but will not be my last. Upon entering the Westville Pub, I was greeted by smiling folks making the most of St. Patty’s Day. The band played a fun first set, the Pub was full of people and energy. Beer was a flowin’… everyone was having a real good time. After the guys took a short break the second set started with a paired down version of the band. With Pierce on guitar and Matt Smith on pedal guitar, the second set was off and running… joined later by Jesse James on bass and David Mack on drums…

Pierce Edens and the Dirty Work had the Pub rockin’… playing a mix of fan favorites, old standards, and some new tunes. Westville Pub was a great venue for the nights activities… not too big, not too small… it was just right. People were dancing, movin’ and groovin’ all over the pub. Pierce has such a unique delivery with his vocals, you get the sense that it comes from his soul. The Dirty Work was on point and is a perfect fit for Pierce’s songs.

I was really impressed with not only Pierce but his band was much fun. Matt Smith was killin’ it on the pedal guitar. He would swap off between pedal guitar and a beautiful hollow body electric. Jesse James not only play the hell out of his stand up bass but provided some nice backing vocals as well. David Mack was laying down the back beat on drums, squeezing all kinds of noise out of his drum kit. I really enjoyed watching Mack almost as much as listening to him.

I’m going to follow up with Pierce, try to sit down with him for a few. Give you folks some more of one of my favorite local artist. So, keep an eye out for more on this amazing artist and his band. I highly suggest you catch Pierce and the boys if you get the chance.



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