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blogs_vlogs_video_games copyGads 5amonth’s #1 Game for December: Fallout 4
Fallout 4, the sequel to one of my favorite games on last-gens consoles is my game of the month. I’ve spent so much time with the game that it actually took spots 1-5.

Here’s why…
You know that movie you see a preview for that’s so good that you can’t wait til it comes out? I mean that one that you go to the early showing for and you buy IMAX tickets because well you want to experience the movie in the best way possible. Well that’s how I felt about Fallout 4 and when I finally got my hands on it… I definitely was not disappointed. Bethesda took the best of the Fallout games and what they’ve learned since then to make a better game all around. If you enjoy RPGs with deep loot systems and fluid combat then go pick this one up for your pc or console. You will not be disappointed.

Snow Daze (Free Download)
Like always, my second post of the month contains a song or in this case songs for your listening pleasure. After a fairly cool winter, it decided to snow in Carolina this past weekend. So Kain and GamerGad decided to help fans past time by releasing #SnowDaze, a four song tape featuring songs over a few popular industry beats.

Free Download below.


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