Batman v Superman

batman-v-superman-synopsisBatman v Superman

Dawn Of Justice

So… first a little context.

In the well received movie Man of Steel, Superman battled General Zod (another Kryptonien, like Kal El himself). In the final fight scene, they practically, no… wait, ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED Metropolis. In Batman v Superman, we see the repercussions of the Metropolis destruction. Half the world loves Superman, the other half… not so much. And Batman just so happens to be part of the latter. The movie takes a look at man questioning the power of a god like being, and the god like being questioning his place in this world. The rest is super hero beat down time!

batman-v-superman-the-underdog-story-i-believe-in-youOne aspect of the film I really enjoyed was the often overlooked sound track. It sounds amazing, my two personal favorites are Hans Zimmer’s “Is She with You” and “The Red Capes are Coming” by Zimmer and Junkie XL. The film was visually appealing. Especially for your hard core Batman fan. In order to combat Superman, Batman wears a self made suit that I call his “Superbuster” suit. It looked as if it was pulled right out out of Frank Miller’s graphic novel “The Dark Knight Returns” (see above photo).

Ben Affleck was amazing as Batman, absolutely spot on! Henry Cavill once again played Superman. Gal Gadot appears as Wonder Woman. And Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. I enjoyed Eisenberg as Luthor… His character was brilliant of course with a sprinkling of psychotic evilness. I’ve heard criticism of both Cavill and Gadot’s performances but I thought both actors performed well.

I found Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice to be well worth the wait. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up! I suggest you give it a shot… hope you like it as much as I did. Now… if you’ll excuse me, I need to prepare for the Justice League!

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