The Mayor’s Office … Vol 1

IMG_3844 copyHello wonderful people!!!!

Hope this reaches you in great spirits!!

Let’s talk about the culture these days…

In my opinion Hip Hop is not dying, it’s being alienated. We need BALANCE. I’m a fan of all types of music. What I don’t understand is why is Hip Hop so tunneled visioned? The world is bigger than what we are being programmed to listen to. Through mainstream (media) the music seems to have transformed into a bunch of the same sounding beats, the same sounding hooks, and repetitive lyrics that you can hardly understand.

Where is the creativity?

I went to a show recently and saw at least 4 groups that sounded exactly the same. Everyone wants to sound like they are from Atlanta. I love Atlanta but I’m not gonna change my entire format to sound like them. I respect them for their sound.


You don’t have to try and sound like someone else in order to make an impact. It takes away from you as an original, artistic individual. By the way, the world is bigger than you local radio station. The masses have brainwashed the culture, This is what I mean by balance. Their is plenty of great Hip Hop music being made everyday by artists I’m sure fans would love if they were exposed to it. The culture needs to come back to the origins. That means originality, skill, and a passion for what you do. Rap is something you do. Hip Hop is something you live. Hip Hop is beats, rhymes, stories, feelings, and emotions. Their is nothing wrong with TURNING UP in the club or getting LIT to a 808 joint!!! But there is a lot of great music out there full of lyrical content with a message to uplift people.


Because it’s on your radio don’t make it hot. Just because there is a lot of hot Trap music (I admit it…) not all of it is good.

Let’s get back to making GOOD MUSIC!!


Say something that means something… see you soon..


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