Ed E Ruger … Guerilla Grind Pt. 2 The Token

13722109_644668845685100_1494297073_aEd E Ruger

Guerilla Grind

Part 2

The Token

After a cornucopia of technical issues, I finally got a chance to review the latest release from the Gate City’s own Ed E Ruger. I feel like I’m late to the party… but it’s kind of cool, maybe I’ll get the last word in on this Carolina Treat.

I’ve had the privilege to know the former Southern Bull (Ed E Ruger) for well over ten years, and I must say this is his best work to date. This is a beautiful album filled with blood, sweat, and tears. A truly passionate emcee literally putting all of himself into his craft. Ruger is a wordsmith, a witty, smart, and often stoned wordsmith…

In a world full of phony pop culture success, it takes balls to put out an album that is so very true and real. Simple put… This is Ed E Ruger.

After listening to Guerilla Grind Part 2; The The Token several times, I get the sense that if you were to cut Ruger, slice him open… the content of this album would pore from his veins!





A cross-section of his being.

From the love of a mother, to the love of that seductress… Mary Jane. Ruger hides nothing on this offering. The album delivers such a great mix of bangers, bongers, and super cool laid backs tracks. The album really does provide a smooth old school album experience. Not just a series of tracks randomly tossed together. It flows really nice from track to track… just push play and chill for an hour or so.

Ruger brought out the heavy hitters on this album, including the cover art. Greensboro’s world renowned comic artist Charles Drake created an awesome cover with three different color schemes to choose from. And it doesn’t stop with the cover. The Token has some stellar guest vocals… Blind Fury, Scales, OC From NC, Wax, Mr Rozzi, Guilty Simpson, Bash, Kain, Tre Magic, J Rich, Rob Franchize Williams, HypeNC’s GamerGad, and Iconoclast Crew’s Ty Bru. But… the guest artist that stole the show was Vanessa Ferguson. Her locals on the tracks “What you’ve done for me” and “I’ll always be here” was absolutely spot on! Full of soul and love, Ferguson’s vocals will leave you wanting more… like a delicious chocolate truffle. So damn good!

I really freaking love this album…

Guerilla Grind 2 The Token hits home for me, and I believe if you give it a try you’ll find something you can relate to as well. My respect for Ed E Ruger as an artist has only grown after listening to such a well crafted, heart felt, and just plain fun album. Thank you Brother Ruger for having the guts to open up your heart in such a personal way. The Hip Hop world would ring so very hollow without you in the game…

For more info…

Interweb … EdERuger.com

Twitter … Ed_E_Ruger

Facebook … Ed E Ruger Music



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