Blogs, Vlogs, and Video Games … Vol 7

blogs_vlogs_video_games copyGaming to Early?

This is a short piece but something I’ve been thinking about for a few months now.

For those who don’t know I have a son named Jayden. He turned six this year and for his birthday I decided to get him a ds! Dad of the year right…? I know, my thoughts exactly. Now this is the first console he’s had so there was a bit of a learning curve. What came next surprised me though…
Within a matter of days Jay became a gamer. Yo Kai Watch! Has totally consumed his life like DK and Mario did for me as a kid. Here’s the dilemma though. He plays all day everyday. Sounds like someone I know… I’m reflected upon older adults telling me time and time again how important it is for the development of a child to keep them active. It’s up for debate but I’d argue both sides.

So… Do I let this run its course or do I limit the time and introduce more active activities into his lifestyle?

Boys playing video games together

Would I be a hypocrite for doing that when all I do is game…?

What are your thoughts?

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