Discover Disc Golf … Winston Salem NC

20161113_124253Discover Disc Golf

Cooks Market

Winston Salem N.C.

I found a treasure spot in Winston Salem for all of you that play the game. Its Discover Disc Golf or DDG for short.
This hidden little treasuse is located at Cooks Market in Winston Salem. Todd and Payne are the guys who will help you get what you want, but trust me, these guys have tons of great plastic to choose from at really great prices. Not only do they have plastic, they have baskets in all sizes, a few bags, hats and shirts too!!
They carry Discraft, Dynamic, and Innova discs. If you cant find what your looking for, Todd and Payne will get what you need.
These guys are super down to earth and really not just enjoy selling what you need, but they love the sport just as much.
Forget going to, (well, no names will be used, but you all know what places offer some disc) a box store with a very small selection and at jacked up prices.

Make the drive to go to DDG.

You will be happily impressed at what you will find and more so how much less you have to spend.

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