White House … For Rent

wh-logo-obamaThe 2016 Presidential Election is still giving us cause for alarm. Trump somehow manage to win the electoral college while getting destroyed in the popular vote. While He gloats over his questionable victory, a large part of the United States is scared of what’s to come next. One of the craziest things to be leaked out of the Trump camp is the fact that Agent Orange does not plan on living in the White House in Washington DC. He prefers to continue living in New York City, with a daily security cost around a million dollars a day. Obviously, the outrageous security cost is seen by many as a complete waste of money.

Monday morning, “The Donald” announced a plan to combat the resistance regarding him staying in NYC, and it’s exorbitant security cost. He said it was simple… rent it out! His idea is to rent out the residential area of the White House to international business associates, and foreign leaders for a day, week, or even longer. In addition, He suggested there could be various options customers could purchase to enhance their stay…

Up-charges could include;

Night time turn-down service provided by Chris Christie.

Weekend Cross burnings on the lawn.

Toilet papering the Holocaust Museum with Scott Baio.

Run the FBI or CIA for a day.

Signed copy of Mein Kampf. 

Photos with Vladimir Putin cut-out.

Personalized Hood and Sheet with White House logo.

Vile of tears from Statue of Liberty.

United States of America Constitution toilet paper.


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