Blogs, Vlogs, and Video Games … Vol 8

Hey guys it’s your neighborhood gamer back again for Blogs Vlogs and Video Games. This entry is more so an educational piece. With Christmas around the corner there’s a lot to be excited about. For starters some of the best triple a titles come out (will list my recommendations below). Also, I released my new ep New Game++ on December 15th.

So let’s start there shall we… Alright cool!

Here we go!

New Game++ by GamerGad
























New Game++ is the follow up ep to 2015’s New Game Plus. The project includes 6 songs including features from fellow amigos Kain and JRich LGi. As you may of expected, the gamer puts his nerd sauce on beats through video game references. Burning was released a month back and features a melodic contagious hook that has gamer dreaming of getting away for a while. Go2Work 2.0 is the villains version of a club track with a crazy switch up halfway through. Ansum is another standout; just watch the video below it’ll explain itself. The ep is now available at for $5.99 and comes with a special bonus track.




What to play this Christmas (Xbox Edition):
Gears of War 4
Dead Rising 4
Final Fantasy 15
Battlefield 1
What games are you planning to pick up this holiday season? Leave your comment below and tweet @gamergad. What did I miss? Until next time… ✌️️🎮

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