Just get out there!

1483676344638So, most people think disc golf is just a bunch of stoners and drinkers out to have fiun.

Ok, your right…we like to have Fun. Gotcha there didn’t I?

Well, let’s stop and think about this for a moment. Yes, it is fun. For the most part, we play in groups of 2 or more. But there is such a huge health benefit to playing this game.

People of ALL ages can play. Maybe you can’t play the entire 18 holes. Even if you get half that in, your getting a full body work out and even working your brain.

There is next to no course that is flat. And you have to walk to each hole to play, unless you find the rare course with carts. You have to use
Your core, arms, legs. Basically your entire body is put to work. And on top of that, it takes hand-eye co-ordination to think about the distance and obstacles to try to make the basket.

Bring your kids, even if they are small ones, out for fresh air. Bring your parents and Grandparents out. If for anything, quality time toghether.

Just get out, be active and fit.

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